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Don't let your bedroom
ruin your sleep.

Meet CubeSensors. Your stylish little companion for a good night's sleep.

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Sleep shouldn't be complicated.

CubeSensors provide simple advice that can help you get the most out of your sleep.

Go to bed on time.

CubeSensors gently pulse in every room when it's time for your bedtime routine. Open the windows, adjust the temperature, dim the lights and just enjoy your sleep.

Different sleep times.

CubeSensors are family friendly. They understand different bedtimes for every bedroom in your home.

You woke up 2 times tonight. Why?

Having data on how you sleep is a good start. With CubeSensors in your bedroom, you can finally see why you were restless or awake during the night.

Small changes, healthier home.

By keeping an eye on how your bedroom affects your sleep, you can learn how to make better choices for you and your family.

Give the gift of a good night's sleep.

CubeSensors are the perfect gift for any home. Especially when you need to make your bedrooms more sleep-friendly.

The Cubes can also be used in other rooms to improve your family’s health and comfort.

Your bedroom's best friend.

CubeSensors monitor your indoors to help you sleep better.

Designed to fit in your home.

CubeSensors look good on any night stand, in any bedroom.

CubeSensors are incredibly easy to set up.

They understand your environment and won't disturb your sleep with light and noise signals during the night.

You can easily move the Cubes between rooms and focus on whatever you're interested in.

Each Cube is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand.

The front and back metal panels with precision crafted holes let the air flow through for optimal measurements.

Subtle glows let you know when something needs your attention.

You can use the Cubes wirelessly and recharge periodically or keep them plugged in for convenience.

Understand your sleep data better.

You shouldn't become a sleep scientists to get a good night's sleep. With CubeSensors, you get daily practical advice that is easy to follow. Exactly when it's needed.

The CubeSensors web app is optimized for your favorite smartphone, looks stunning on your tablet or any modern web browser.

CubeSensors understand sleep tracking data from your existing sleep tracker (not included). Now available with support for Fitbit®, UP and UP24 by Jawbone™.

Your stylish little companion for a good night's sleep.

For a good night's sleep, get your own pack of CubeSensors now.

Get a Cube for each bedroom and place additional Cubes in other important rooms of your home.