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For those rare moments when something doesn't work as expected.

Base not working as expected

If the light on the Base doesn't come on after ten seconds when you plug the Base in the electric socket ...

... double check if the Micro USB power adapter is properly plugged in at both ends (it happens to the best of us). You can try using another certified Micro USB 1.5A power adapter. If the base station works with another adapter, get in touch, so we can discuss a replacement.

If the light on the Base is red and doesn't change to blue after a while even though the ethernet cable is plugged in at both ends ...

... your DSL modem, router or switch must support DHCP. If unsure, check with your ISP (Internet Service Provider). If you’re trying to set up the Base on a corporate network, please check your firewall settings. The Base uses http ports (80, 443), outbound ssh port (for updates), ntp port (UDP 123) and optional openvpn port for support.

Check if the ethernet cable is plugged all the way in. If it is, reset the base station by unplugging it from its power source and plugging it back in. Wait for a minute.

If that doesn't work, try using the same cable to connect something else to the same port on your modem, router or switch to make sure both the cable and the port are working. If you don't discover any hardware problems, keep your base station connected to a power source and the internet and get in touch with us.

If the light on the Base is blue, yet the setup website doesn’t want to accept its code ...

… has the Base station already been linked to a CubeSensors account? If you already created an account with this Base station, just wake up the Cubes by briefly connecting them to charging and log in at

If somebody else created the account and you have the Cubes on temporary loan, talk to the account holder about sharing login credentials. If you need help retrieving your account info or want to transfer ownership of the account to another person, send us an email to

Cubes not glowing or not sending measurements

If a Cube is not working or not glowing ...

... it may be just out of battery. Connect the Cube to a power source with its Micro USB cable and wait for a few minutes.

A Cube can also turn off to preserve battery power if it loses connection to its Base and can’t reconnect within the hour. Check the Cubesensors app to see the Cube’s signal strength. You can improve signal strength by experimenting with the positioning of the Cubes and the Base (physical obstacles and interferences from electronic devices can weaken the signal) or by keeping the Cubes plugged into a power source.

If a Cube isn't working even after it's been connected to a power source for a while ...

... it might be time to try a hard reset. It's not as scary as it sounds.

  1. Disconnect the Cube from the charging cable.
  2. Find a paper clip or a smartphone SIM-card eject pin to reach the reset button, which is positioned behind one of the holes in the bottom left corner of the back Cube panel. See the image below to identify the right hole.
  3. Insert the paper clip through the indicated hole on the back, reach straight inside and push the reset button for a second or two. You'll feel a slight click, when you press the button. The Cube will automatically reconnect to the network and react to your shakes again.
  4. After the reset, you can connect the Cube to a power source again.

If resetting the Cube doesn't help, get in touch with us, so we can take a close look or send you a replacement.

Cubes glowing in unexpected ways

If a Cube is blinking white ...

... the Cube is checking for new firmware updates or installing a firmware update. When a Cube's battery runs out, it will always start blinking white when connected to a power source to make sure it has the latest firmware. If a charging Cube starts blinking white, it means a firmware update is available in will be installed automatically. Keep the Cube connected to power until the white blinking stops.

If a Cube suddenly glows pink ...

... something went wrong during a firmware update. The Cube will retry to install the update shortly, so just leave it connected to power, no reset needed. It will start blinking white on its own when the update is in progress.

Cubes showing unexpected measurements

If a Cube doesn’t charge to full and stops charging ...

... just unplug it from charging and plug it back in to restart charging. The Cube will start charging again until full.

If a Cube is showing unexpectedly high temperature readings ...

... its battery is probably charging. The readings will return back to normal once charging stops.

If the Cubes don’t show the same measurements when kept together ...

... a little variance is not uncommon. Most of the sensors in the Cubes have an accuracy of +-1-2%. On measurements with larger scales (for example, air quality), this might result in bigger differences. The sensors we use don’t require special calibration, but please do get in touch if you’d like us to check the accuracy of your measurements.

App not showing data

If the CubeSensors app is not working ...

... check if you can access any other websites. The CubeSensors app requires a working internet connection to display data. If the rest of the internet is working and the app isn't, we might be experiencing server problem. Try again in a few minutes, and then get in touch if the problem persists.

If you can’t see data for just one of the Cubes ...

... check if the Cube glows when shaken. If not, it might be out of battery or got disconnected from the network. Connect the Cube to a power source and it should reappear again.

Account help

If you want to transfer ownership of your account, remove devices from your account, reset your password ...

... send us an email at, we’re happy to help.

We're here to help

If these pages don't make your troubles go away or if you bump into problems during setup, don't hesitate to email us at

We're always happy to hear from you, even if it's just to say hello and tell us how much you're enjoying your CubeSensors. Either way, we'll reply as soon as possible.