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Tips on using the Cubes and the CubeSensors app

Find the right spot for the Cubes, understand their glows and the measurements in the app.

Placing the Cubes in different rooms

You can keep the Cubes in the same room, but you'll get better insights if you place them in different parts of your home or office.

While the Cubes can blend in any environment, you'll get the best measurements if you keep them where you spend most of the time. If you'll be using CubeSensors at home, your living room and bedroom are a good place to start. In an office, you can keep one at your desk and put the others in meeting rooms and chill out areas, where people spend most of their time.

To get reliable measurements, avoid placing the Cubes in direct sunlight or too close to heaters, fireplaces, cold walls or other sources of heat or cold. The air should be able to flow freely through the holes, so don't cover the Cubes with plastic. Avoid placing them in overly dusty environments and keep them away from water.

Understanding the Cubes' glows

The Cubes can show your environment's health through subtle glows.

Shake the Cubes to see the health of your rooms

To get quick feedback about the health of the room you're in, shake the Cube that is monitoring it until it starts glowing.

A blue glow means everything is ok. If you get a red glow, check the CubeSensors app for advice on how to improve your environment.

If a Cube blinks green after the shake, its battery is running low. It will still be collecting measurements for a few days, but you should connect it to a power source as soon as possible to recharge it and get the full experience.

A Cube that blinks red is not connected to its Base. It should reconnect after a few minutes. If it doesn't, see the troubleshooting section for further steps.

Occasionally, we might send the Cubes a software update to improve their functionality. When that happens, the Cubes will blink white for about a minute after being connected to a power source. Keep them connected to power while they blink white. During the update, shaking will temporarily have no effect.

Your CubeSensors app

Your CubeSensors web app is your main point of contact with the Cubes. For easier access, bookmark the app's web address or add a shortcut to your iPhone or iPad's screen (tap the Share button in Safari, choose Add to home screen).

Once the web app loads the data from your Cubes, you can see an overview of your rooms' health. Happy cubes with a blue border are healthy, with most measurements within recommended ranges. Cubes with an orange border might need some attention in one of the areas. The thing to avoid are sad Cubes with a red glow, where one or more measurements are significantly outside the recommended ranges.

In the toolbar at the top of the main screen, you can see alert icons for the measurements the Cubes sense in the same color scheme as the Cubes - blue for measurements within the recommended limits, orange for slightly off measurements, and red for measurements that need your attention. The toolbar also includes icons for special screens with additional functionality (Sleep, Settings). Tap on the more icon in the toolbar to see all available screens.

The main screen of your CubeSensors app will also show special bands when a Cube's battery should be recharged (red band with the word EMPTY), when the Cube's battery is charging (orange band with the word POWER) or when the Cube's battery is fully charged (blue band with the word FULL). Please note that the measured temperature will increase while the Cube's battery is charging.

For an overview of the rooms, just tap the Cube representing each of your rooms on the main screen. If you want to see an overview of any of the measurements across all rooms or access the special Sleep and Settings screens, you can tap their respective icons in the top toolbar icons on the main screen.

Getting more details and tips about rooms

On a room's screen, the icons for each of the sensors provide a quick overview of your room's environment. Blue icons on the left side of the screen represent comfortable levels. If a measurement is outside the recommended comfort zone, its icon will first turn orange and then red, and gradually move over to the right side. Tap the icons to reveal exact measurements from each of the sensors in your Cube.

Below the icons, you'll also find a summary of the Cube's signal strength, overall comfort score and battery level.

For a detailed overview of the past 24 hours, scroll down the page and explore charts for each of the measurement. Have fun and take your time discovering new things about the environment in your home or office!

Getting an overview of measurements across rooms

On a screen with more details about a measurement, you’ll find recommendations for improvements (if there are any) and charts for the chosen measurement in each of your rooms for the past 24 hours.

You can use the arrows next to the measurement's name to move between different measurements. To return to the main screen, tap the measurement’s name.

Connecting your sleep data with the bedroom Cube

If you use a Fitbit tracker or UP bracelet by Jawbone to track your sleep, you can see how your sleep correlates with the measurements in your bedroom. To enable CubeSensors Sleep, link your sleep tracker and select your bedroom Cube from the Sleep section on the Settings screen. After a tracker is linked and synced, you’ll see sleep data for last night’s sleep on the Sleep screen.

You can currently have one sleep tracker connected to one Cube at the same time. You can remove the sleep tracker (and add a new one) or change your bedroom any time in the Sleep section of your app's Settings.

Changing app settings

On the Settings screen, you can manage your account’s password, change your preferred display units and manage your linked devices, such as sleep trackers.

We'll keep updating the app with new features, so don't be surprised if something new comes up from time to time.

Your CubeSensors dashboard

For an overview of the Bases and Cubes, linked to your account, visit your CubeSensors dashboard at You can send an identifying yellow glow to your Cubes or change their settings by clicking on the buttons next to the Cube's name.

Understanding the measurements

Each CubeSensors is packed with seven sensors. They send fresh measurements from each room to the base station every minute. Each of the measurements can make you healthier, more productive or more aware in different ways:

That's a lot to take in. You'll soon find out what are the measurements and tips that matter the most to you.

At the beginning, just let the CubeSensors app guide you through the measurements with small tips and recommendations throughout the day. If you want to learn more about the science of indoor comfort, health and productivity behind the app, visit our blog at