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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, the Cubes answer. Ok, no, not really, they aren’t there yet. They still need our help to answer your most common questions, while they get better at sensing indoor environments.

  1. Setting up CubeSensors
  2. Living with CubeSensors
  3. Ordering CubeSensors
  4. Everything else about CubeSensors

Setting up CubeSensors top

What do I need to set up CubeSensors at home or office? top

A CubeSensors pack that includes the Base station and any number of Cubes, a power outlet and ethernet cable for the Base station, a mobile phone or computer with an internet connection, and just a few minutes of your time. Installation is really easy: first you connect the Base station to a power source and the internet, claim it with a unique code through any browser, and set up each Cube you’ll be using. For detailed instructions and troubleshooting, visit the CubeSensors Guides.

How far can the Cubes be from the Base station? top

It depends on the obstacles between the Base stations and the Cubes (especially walls), but usually the reach of the CubeSensors wireless ZigBee network is comparable to that of a WiFi network. If certain spots or rooms in your home have poor WiFi coverage, the Cubes will probably have weaker signal as well. If you need to extend the range of the network, you can keep one of the Cubes connected to charging, so it can act like a router and relay the signal from other Cubes or by installing additional Base stations.

Why do CubeSensors need an internet connection? top

Having the Cubes connected to the cloud is the easiest way to provide you with access to your data and send you alerts even when you’re not at home or at the office. The cloud also makes sure your data is backed up in a safe place and allows us to do additional calculations and analysis for better advice.

How many Cubes can be connected to one Base station? top

More than the number of rooms in most homes! You should be able to have as many as 30 Cubes connected to a single Base station. Usually, the biggest limiting factor in larger setups is the network range, so we recommend additional Base stations to expand the reach of the network over large areas. You can have multiple Base stations and Cubes working together on the same account.

What powers the Cubes? How often do they need charging? top

The Cubes use rechargeable batteries and can be recharged by a standard Micro USB cable. A single charge will allow a Cube to collect and stream data for up to a month, depending on usage, settings and environmental conditions. You can then recharge the Cubes overnight and are ready to go for another month. Alternatively, you can keep the Cubes plugged in to a power source at all times for convenience.

Living with CubeSensors top

What devices can I use to access data from my Cubes? top

Any smartphone, tablet or computer with a modern browser and an internet connection will do! To access the app, log in with your CubeSensors account at

Is there a native iOS app available? top

Not yet, but you can easily add our web app to your iPhone/iPad Home Screen by tapping on the Share icon and selecting Add to Home Screen from Safari.

How do I change the temperature display in the app from Fahrenheit to Celsius?

You can set your app to display all measurements in Metric units on the Settings screen in your app. You can find more tips on using the app in the CubeSensors Guides.

How do the Cubes measure air quality? Can they detect carbon monoxide? top

The Cubes use a highly sensitive sensor that detects VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). VOCs are gases, including carbon monoxide, that are emitted by various materials into your environment, often without you noticing. Prolonged exposure to some VOCs can cause adverse health effects, which is why they are a great measure for indoor air pollution. In other words, the Cubes are not a specialized carbon monoxide detector, but they will let you know when the overall levels of various types of organic gases are too high. You can read more about measuring air quality on our blog.

I need help with my Cubes, what can I do?

You can find basic troubleshooting tips in the CubeSensors Guides. If that doesn’t help, send us an email at with a description of your problem and information about your devices and account.

Can CubeSensors be used as ______ ? top

Maybe yes! We love hearing your ideas about where and how you’d like to use CubeSensors, so do get in touch via Twitter, Facebook or email.

Ordering CubeSensors top

Are you shipping yet?top

When will I get my Cubes? top

Yes, we have been shipping CubeSensors since January 2014! If you order CubeSensors today, we’ll ship them in 1-3 business days. EU orders are usually delivered the next business day, US orders in two business days after shipping. You can always email us to get the latest status update about your order.

Do you ship CubeSensors to my country? top

Probably yes, we’ve already shipped the Cubes to over 50 different countries worldwide! Send us an email if you’d like to check shipping and expected delivery times for your country. When ordering, choose one of the US packs (we include the EU, UK and US power adapters in all packs). Please note that local import duty and sales taxes might apply to orders outside EU and US.

Can I buy multiple CubeSensors packs at once? top

Can I order additional Cubes or Bases for my existing pack of CubeSensors? top

Yes! You can buy an additional Cube or another Base station directly through our website. For a purchase of multiple devices or packs at once, please email us with your billing/shipping address and a list of devices and/or pack combinations that you’d like to order to get a custom offer.

What if I change my mind about my order? top

Just send us an email and we'll issue a full refund as soon as possible. And if there’s anything we can do to change your mind, please do let us know!

I’m not sure I gave you my right shipping address, can you check? top

I recently moved, should I send you my new address? top

You can always make sure we've got the right shipping address by sending us an email.

If only the Cubes were cheaper ... top

We hear you! Starting a new production line can be quite expensive, especially if you’re trying to get the best materials and quality like we do with CubeSensors. Quality is our number one priority.

Everything else about CubeSensors top

Will there be a way to access the data from the Cubes and connect it to other apps and systems? top

Is there an API? top

Yes, we're already testing the beta API with existing Cube owners. The full documentation is available at: If you already have your Cubes, please send us an email with your CubeSensors account info (username/email used) and we'll get you started right away.

Do you have a distribution program? top

Not yet, but if you’re interested in helping us get Cubes in everyone’s hands, do email us and you’ll be the first to know when we launch a distribution program in your region.