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Make your home healthier,
your office more productive

Uncover the simple solutions. Just place a small, stylish, cordless and connected Cube in each room.

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Feel better.

Understand how your home or office is affecting your health, comfort and productivity.

  1. Keep your family safe.

    Young children and the elderly are more sensitive to environment changes. Keep your toddler's room just right for a peaceful nap.

  2. Save money and energy.

    Avoid overheating in winter or overcooling in summer. Know the right temperature for work, leisure or sleep. Check if lights are switched off.

  3. Sleep better.

    Your bedroom Cube can tell you whether a snoring partner, stale air, temperature changes, a full moon and more are making you restless during the night.

  4. Stay in the zone.

    Set up your thermostat or A/C for maximum productivity. Let the Cubes worry about the right lighting for your office. Open the window before you get a headache.

  5. Breathe easily.

    Avoid the flu. Control your asthma and allergies. Keep away mold. Know the air you breathe beyond just CO2 measurements.

  6. Clean or remodel smarter.

    Not all cleaning and home improvement products are equal. Check which products are less harmful to your family in real-time. Make better choices.

  7. Peace of mind.

    Check for signs of activity when you're not home. From anywhere, anytime. Activate your webcam only when necessary. Your home isn't a prison that needs constant live streaming.

  8. Be a better neighbor.

    Keep your neighbors happy. Check if your dog really is that loud when you're not around. Or if your kids are throwing a loud party.

Uncover the simple solutions.

Measuring activity, sleep and food intake helps you build better habits. Yet it becomes harder to make the right choices if your home or office are working against you.

CubeSensors help you discover how small changes in your environment also affect your wellbeing.

Sleep better.

Your bedroom should help you sleep better. You can now connect your existing sleep tracker to your bedroom Cube. Discover why you sleep poorly at night and how you can make any bedroom in your home more sleep-friendly before it ruins your night.

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Small, yet incredibly aware.

Each Cube is packed with seven powerful sensors that analyze all the important aspects of your indoors.

All readings are updated once a minute for real-time tracking, even when you’re not around.

Shake to glow.

How healthy is the room you're in? Shake the Cube to find out! The Cube comes alive under your fingertips, a beautiful glow provides instant feedback at a glance.

Designed around you.

CubeSensors are incredibly easy to set up. We know your home is not a science lab. The Cubes are designed to look equally good on your designer table, your night stand or the coffee table you got from your parents. Use them wirelessly and recharge periodically or keep them plugged in for convenience.

Each Cube is so small it fits in the palm of your hand. Its smooth polycarbonate exterior is soft to touch. The front and back metal panels with precision crafted holes will shine in the sunlight. A subtle glow will let you know when it's time to act quickly.

Designed & assembled in Europe

Always connected.

When you need deeper insight and simple solutions, check the elegantly designed free CubeSensors web app from anywhere in the world. Get timely alerts and recommendations when you need them. Allowing you to improve, not just monitor.

Optimized for your favorite smartphone, looks stunning on your tablet or any modern web browser.

Make your home healthier, your office more productive.

Living room, bedroom, office or somewhere else, the Cubes can move into any room. Get a CubeSensors pack with enough Cubes to cover the rooms you care about the most.

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Make one of the following complete packs your own:

  1. Small pack for 2 rooms

    2 Cubes with USB cables, 1 Base station with power adapter and ethernet cable

    299 USD
    +60 USD

    (shipping and handling)

  2. Medium pack for 4 rooms

    4 Cubes with USB cables, 1 Base station with power adapter and ethernet cable

    449 USD
    +65 USD

    (shipping and handling)

  3. Large pack for 6 rooms

    6 Cubes with USB cables, 1 Base station with power adapter and ethernet cable

    599 USD
    +70 USD

    (shipping and handling)

Have more rooms or locations to monitor? Extend your pack with additional cubes or another base station.

  1. Additional Cube

    1 Cube with USB cable1

    99 USD
    +40 USD

    (shipping and handling)

  2. Another Base station

    1 Base station with power adapter and ethernet cable2

    149 USD
    +40 USD

    (shipping and handling)

  1. The Cube needs an existing CubeSensors Base station with an active internet connection to send measurements to the app.
  2. You can use the additional Base station to monitor Cubes at a different location or to extend the range of your current CubeSensors network.

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